Gorilla Tracking

Uganda boasts of more than a half of only remaining Mountain Gorillas. The Gorillas are a must-see.Unique and endangered gentle giants of the Apes. Besides Uganda, they exist in only 3 other African families and Uganda presents the best opportunities to have this life-deserving Gorilla experience. Gorilla Tracking is a highly prized wildlife tour whose tracking permits are limited.So let Limitless Tours help you so that you donít miss out. Limitless will help you with booking your Gorilla Permits, reserving your accommodation and handle your travels throughout the trip.

Wildlife Safaris

Uganda is one of the most wildlife endowed countries in the World. Uganda has all of the famous African Big-5 and more. We organize Game Drives to all of Ugandaís famous wildlife National Parks like Murchison, Queen, Kidepo, Bwindi, Mgahinga etc. We take care of all the necessary arrangement and all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Hard Adventures

We take you to heart-pacing places for memories. These activities are for the strong-hearted but you can also set your mind and prepare it for these activities. These include Bunge-Jumping over River Nile, White Water Rafting in the Nile, Mountain Climbing in the Rwenzori among others. You get a combination of a thrill and satisfaction

Chimpanzee Tracking

With Uganda hosting the famous Kibale National Park, whose high Primate density has earned it the title of the Primate Capital of the World, you have no better chance elsewhere to see these close cousins of humans in their natural wilderness as they do their shouting and tricks. Do you want to see Chimps in the Wild, we shall take you to the place that fits best, whether in the Kibale Park, our in the thick rain forests of Budongo or follow these playful animals in the Kyambura Gorge, we shall plan the best for you. We also take you to where Humans are whole-heartedly safe-guarding their wild cousins who were either rescued or had been a victim of whatever situation and are now enjoying their Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Ngamba Island, where you will listen to their stories, see them feed or feed them yourself, watch them play and interact with humans, respond to communications and give some entertainment. You can also have a feel of what it means to be care taker of a Chimpanzee, by being a care taker yourself. So whichever way you want it, we get you there and give you the best and still supplement it with other thrilling activities.

Thrilling Culture Explorations

Uganda is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. The great ethic diversity is visible in the diversity of languages and cultural practices. With culture being the foundation upon which humans shape who they are, how they do things and what they do, Uganda presents a great cultural diversity that will leave you amazed and you just have to see for your self. So whether it is food diversity, amazing cultural dances, interesting legendary cultural stories and general diversity in Life style, from the small Batwa comunity who lived in the forests with the famous Mountain Gorillas, to communal traditional Manyata houses of Karamoja, to the thrilling dances of the Acholi and sweet Matooke of the Baganda, the list is endless, and we take you there to enjoy and have unlimited fun as you participate in these cultural activities